Installing Apache And ColdFusion 9 On Ubuntu 9.04 - Page 2

I want to hook ColdFusion into Apache so I will select option 1.

Again select 1.

The default location for the apache.conf files in Ubuntu is:


Where is the Apache program binary file?

The default location is:


Where is the control file that you use to start and stop the Apache web server?

Ubuntu uses init.d:


We are now ready to continue with the install.

Set the location of CFIDE in thw webroot.

Select the location of the web root for Adobe ColdFusion 9. This is where the installer places the Adobe ColdFusion 9 Administrator. This directory must be the web root for one of the websites to be configured for use with Adobe ColdFusion 9.
This location can be elsewhere and can be moved after the install. To keep things simple I will set this up in the default webroot.


Enter the name of the runtime user. This user must already exist on the system.

I will run ColdFusion as nobody so you can just press enter.

Configuring OpenOffice installation with ColdFusion will enable office documents to be processed using OpenOffice.

I don't need this so I will select 2 and skip this step.

Enter your administrator password:

I want to enable RDS.
Select yes and set a password:

You will see an overview and once you press enter the install will begin.

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From: UbuntuNewbie at: 2009-11-19 03:42:44

Thanks for putting up such a great tutorial.  I am long time CF developer but I am new to Linux so I appreciated the tutorial.  I just upgraded and all of the directions you provided worked for 9.10.

From: new2Ubun2 at: 2009-11-20 11:40:36

I am completely new to Ubuntu and have only "played" with other Linux distros in the past but when my old WinXP box frustrated the heck out of me for the last time I decided to try and build an Ubuntu/CF/mySql server. Following your great tutorial I had the box up and running in under 90 minutes and with no head-scratching whatsoever.

Without your step-by-step guide it could have taken me a whole day to get this project running - Thank you.

From: Martin Byrne at: 2010-04-09 10:58:27

Just had to say thanks for your excellent tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to make it. You saved me a LOT of problems.

From: LibraryWebDev at: 2010-06-30 16:27:30

Thanks for the step by step instructions. I'm new to linux and server administration. This tutorial worked for me using Ubuntu 10.04 and 64-bit ColdFusion9. Again thanks for the great tutorial.