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3 Installing An AIR Application

Before you install an AIR application, you should make sure that you have Adobe Flash installed as lots of AIR applications (not all) require Flash.

If Flash is not installed, you can install it like this:

sudo aptitude install flashplugin-installer

You can find a few sample AIR applications on,, and

I will now install Spaz, an open-source Twitter client. Go to and go to Desktop > Download. Click on the Install Now link below Automated "One-step" Install:

The AIR application installer is starting up:

Click on Open...

... and then on Install to start the Spaz installation:

If necessary you can change a few settings. Click on Continue:

Spaz is now being installed. After the installation has finished, the AIR application installer will close automatically:

Spaz should now start automatically, but there should as well be a Spaz launcher under Applications > Spaz:

When Spaz starts for the first time, it doesn't know your Twitter username, therefore it shows the following message. Click on Enter user/pass to go to the Spaz preferences:

Fill in your Twitter username and password:

Afterwards you can start using Twitter, e.g. send a new message to Twitter:

BTW, if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, I'd be more than happy :-). This is my Twitter profile:


4 Uninstalling An AIR Application

If you want to uninstall an AIR application, open a terminal again (Applications > Accessories > Terminal).

In this example I will show how to uninstall Spaz.

To find out the correct name of the Spaz package, run

dpkg --list | grep -i spaz

The output should look as follows...

[email protected]:~/Desktop$ dpkg --list | grep -i spaz
ii  spaz.air.16cb261d461b1ca2027f7c39946115fa2dc8cd7f.1 0.8.2                             A Twitter client
[email protected]:~/Desktop$

... which means the full name of the Spaz package is spaz.air.16cb261d461b1ca2027f7c39946115fa2dc8cd7f.1. To uninstall it, we run

sudo dpkg -r 'spaz.air.16cb261d461b1ca2027f7c39946115fa2dc8cd7f.1'

That's it, Spaz has been removed from your system.


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By: Anonymous

I know this was for ubuntu. But I found this very helpful link to fix the


An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR. Installation may not be allowed by your administrator. Please contact your administrator.


By: justina

very clear and to the point... as I like it

works fine

By: Bernard Opic

I wrote Uninstaller for Adobe AIR for easily uninstall Adobe AIR applications.

It works on Ubuntu with GNOME and KDE.