Install openQRM 5.1 On Debian Wheezy - Page 2

Configure and initialize openQRM 5.1

After a successful installation the openQRM Server web interface is available at


If you have set the suggested IP address for this howto the openQRM URL will be

Please open this URL in your Web browser. Login with the username 'openqrm' and the password 'openqrm'. Then select the network interface to use for the openQRM management network

Then select 'mysql' as the database type

As the next step provide the database credentials

For the openQRM Enterprise Edition the following page provides an simple option to upload the license keys

Congratulations!! openQRM is now installed and successfully initialized ready to manage all aspects of your datacenter.

To continue with e.g. running Virtual Machines, managing Storage, integrating additional systems and running your own private Cloud we recommend the openQRM Administrator Guide which is available at


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This Howto is sponsored by openQRM Enterprise

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