How To Install The Latest Git On Ubuntu 14.04

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Last edited: 03 June/2014

This tutorial explains the process of installing Git on Ubuntu 14.04. For the uninitiated, Git, the client for the immensely popular GitHub, is a commonly used open source distributed version control system that was originally developed by Linus Torvalds with the objective of supporting Linux Kernel development. Each Git working directory acts like a full-fledged repository, replete with complete history and capabilities for full version tracking, sans any dependence on central server/network access. While the latest version of Git, which is Git 2.0.0, is unavailable via the default repositories of Ubuntu and derivates, thanks to its availability via PPA, installing Git 2.0.0 on common platforms like Pear OS, Elementary OS, Ubuntu and Linux Mint is an absolute cinch. As listed below, all users need to do is simply:


add the PPA to the local index:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:git-core/ppa

update the local repository index

sudo apt-get update

and lastly install the git package.

sudo apt-get install git

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By: jetole

My subject says it all. There is no Ubuntu 13.1. There never has been and there never will be. Fact check your story and make the obvious corrections.

By: admin

You are right off course, there was a 0 missing at the end of the title as ist Ubuntu 13.10 and not 13.1. I took the time today to test the guide on the current Ubuntu 14.04 and it still works fine, so I updated it right for 14.04.

Thank you for noticing me about the typo.

By: jetole

You had made the same typo in a few places.

Anyways, Ubuntu 14.04 comes with git 1.9.1 (that should not change for the life of 14.04 thought it will get updates and patches). From 5/29/14 until, at least, the time of me posting this, the version of git in the ppa:git-core/ppa repo is 2.0.0 and is available for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and all versions from 12.04 LTS through 14.10. 14.10 is unreleased but the package is still there for developers.

The PPA repo page is available at

By: Anonymous

I think you are incorrect in making the assertion that git is the client for GitHub. GitHub is just a web interface/management/issue tracking solution for git. git was around first.

By: Sang

What is the latest stable GIT ,  Gerrit and Jenkins version for Ubuntu 14 OS?
Also, please share the steps if possible. 
Please see - This will be new installation. 






By: yarving

This really upgrades my git to version 2.7.1