HowtoForge Has Now Its own Facebook Page

We at HowtoForge are proud to announce that our new Facebook page is now available under As most of you probably have a Facebook account, we want to use this additional channel to post updates and get feedback from you. Therefore we would like you to "Like" our page, share it with your friends, post comments, etc. :-)

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By: Corfy

I has now seen an error in your headline. ;-)


Thats not a official page of the ISPConfig project. Seems as if someone grabbed the name of the ispconfig project at facebook. The page does not state who the page owner is (even if it claims that I'am the founder) so that I could not contact him yet to see if he is willing to cooperate with the ispconfig project in future or if we shall have to make a new page.




The Facebook page is now the official ISPConfig page on Facebook. Thank you very much to Danny, the founder of the page, who granted admin permissions to me so we can post the ispconfig status updates there.