How To Set Up WebDAV With Apache2 On Ubuntu 10.04 - Page 3

7 Configure A Linux Client (GNOME) To Connect To The WebDAV Share

If you want to connect to the WebDAV share from a GNOME desktop, go to Places > Connect to Server...:

Select WebDAV (HTTP) as the Service type, type in the Server ( in this example) and then the Folder (webdav). Do not fill in a User Name yet because otherwise the connection will fail. Click on Connect afterwards:

Now you are being prompted for a user name and password. Type in test along with the password, then click on Connect:

You might get the following error...

... but at the same time the WebDAV share should appear on the desktop, which means you can ignore the error:

Double-click on the icon to open the WebDAV share:


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By: Anonymous

Finally, a webdav HOWTO that makes sense and actually works after following the instructions.

 I've been looking to enable wedav access to the main/default apache folder(/var/www) for a while.  But everyone goes into creating some other folder to enable webdav access on.  Thanks to your tutorial, I was able to add the webdav section where it's needed for /var/www and voila!  It works!

 Thank you.