How To Set Up An AAA Server With CIITIX-WiFi

CIITIX-WiFi is a turnkey solution to your WiFi hotspot needs. Built onto the rock solid stable debian linux, setting up a secure (TTLS) WiFi hotspot is just a minute away. This guide shows how to set up an AAA server (authentication, authorization and accounting) with CIITIX-WiFi.

  • Download CIITIX-WiFi image from here.
  • Burn the image to CD.
  • Insert The CIITIX-WiFi CD into CDROM and power-on your PC. Select Boot from CDROM.
  • At the Boot Prompt press Enter.
  • Select Start CIITIX-WiFi Live if you want to run CIITIX live-CD or Start GUI Install if you prefer to install it and go with GUI install environment.

  • On the X login prompt use the user ciitix & password live.

  • Fire up the browser. Log into the GUI front-end with administrator user name & radius as the password.

  • Add the user in the DB from the section displayed in the screen-shot (Management > Users under Users Management > New User). Note: Don't forget to select Cleartext-Password as Password Type.

  • Add the NAS device in the DB from the section displayed in the screen-shot (Management > Nas under NAS Management > New NAS).

  • Restart the freeradius as follows:
sudo /etc/init.d/freeradius restart
  • Copy/install the client certificates onto the clients (copy from /etc/freeradius/certs/client-certificates folder i.e. ca.der & server.p12). Note: Install them in trusted root certificates section so as not to receive any warnings since they are self-signed & not verisign signed. Password for server.p12 certificate is ciitixwifi.

Congratulations, you have set up a wifi server in under 5 minutes.

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By: Westley Paynter

I uploaded a torrent for the linked ISO to

I would link to it but it seems to be having trouble. I will try again later.

It looks like ISOhunt found the iso on linuxtracker. here is that link.

By: Trent

I don't see much about this application mentioned online.

Is anyone using it? Is it really "turn key" as claimed?

The images they show are of only the management part, not any customer access portal


What do you want to see about it online ? Its built on the top of community applications. (you could just run dpkg -l to get the list of applications integrated into it ).

Is anyone using it ? Well just on my server half TB of this distribution has been downloaded, not to mention it being mirrored & torrented around the world.

Is it turn key ? Taste of the pudding lies where ? yup, "in eating it"

btw it never claimed to have captive-portal capability (ref: customer access portal).

Visit the site for more info




Hi! I'm new in this king of systems. I want to know what equipments do I need  to establish the wifi hotspot?

- Server with CIITIX wifi OS

- NAS - what is it?

- AP - does it a router wireless?

What else? And how do I connect every one of them?




AP = NAS (In freeradius realm atleast)

You just need a dhcp server on the LAN. You could set one on ciitix-wifi server if ur setup is relatively small. The turn-key setup is supposed to work in uber-secure mode i.e. with TTLS. Certificates are provided you need to copy them to the clients. Plz read the documentation/usage guide thing.

And yeah next time hit the forums for help/support stuff.


By: Westley Paynter

Anyone have a torrent or a faster mirror?

When I have the full iso file I will torrent it and try to post link here.

By: FuzoCZ

Hi, I have one question. Is posssible use this Radius as standalone Radius server for other services without WI-FI? I want use this radius for autentization GPRS telemetry modules with GSM provider and I want to assign FIXED IP address  with attribute FRAMED-IP-ADDRESS base on user name and password. 

Thank you so much for any answer.

p.s (appologize my no so good Engl.)