How To Monitor Your Linux Server With SMS Alerts And Performance Graphs

This tutorial shows how you can monitor your Linux server with a tool from Bijk - with email and SMS alerts. Bijk is an open source application, for creating live graphs and alerts, thus monitoring your server performance. With the Basic version of Bijk, you can easily set up email alerts for monitoring almost everything on your server (system overload, disk space usage, Apache troubles, MySQL, etc.).

To install Bijk on your Linux server, go to the page, sign up, download and add it to your server in a few easy steps.

You can try theOnline Demo first.

Bijk is ready for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and RedHat and you need only about three minutes to install Bijk on a server. - Dashboard - Alerts + Performance graphs

Creating alerts about the status of your server could not be easier. An example set-up of the most used alerts is in the short video below.

Here is the video in most important steps:

1) Go to the alerts set-up page and find the function you want to monitor.

2) Choose the email or SMS where you want to receive the alert.

3) Bijk automatically chooses the critical range to monitor so you only change this if you wish.

That's all! It cannot be more easy.

Alerts status - Detail page with all servers and all checks

As you can see you simply add monitoring checks for PING, URL, LOAD, Memory usage, CPU usage, disk usage and much more.

All the alert settings are customizable from your browser, you don't need to edit any configuration files on your server.

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Oh spare us please! The idea of how to is to teach you something. 5 lines instructions how to use either useless free monitoring with no graphs or alerts or commercial version, has nothing to do with how to or with this page, unless that's what howtoforges's owner(s) wants. Be so kind and tell us what exactly have you learned from this "how to"!?

Personally I would respect them more if they have ONLY commercial version of the software. But not, they want to call themself "contributors to the open source community" with their tasteless free product. I simply hate products that comes in "community" and commercial flavours, where the first one is simply crippled.

By: elmo

So, shame on me it is?

As mentioned already, I don't have anything against commercial open source software. This includes pay to use services. That is, as long as they are in fact open source when they claim to be so!!!

So far I have not been able to see how Bijk is in any way "open source". To me, the closest Bijk comes to being open source is that you can monitor open source platforms with it, which in no way makes it a piece of open source software itself.

And about the "sharing... not selling" part. If any way of using this service as advertised in the title, that is using SMS alerts, means acquiring a payed for subscription, I wonder were the "not to sell" part comes in. Open source or not, this so called "howto" for sure is with an intent to sell. Who do you think you are you kidding?

Because this howto is in now way revealing information that one would otherwise have to do research for, this "howto" remains nothing but a cheap add in my opinion.

On itself I have nothing against people trying to sell this or any other service, I just don't think this site should be a platform for that. Once going down that slope it's all over soon with the value of this site.

PS, for what it is worth, I wish the guys/girls at Bijk really all the best and I have nothing against their service, neither do I have any stake in any competing product or service. I just find this kind of "howto" unworthy of this otherwise very priceless site.

By: elmo

Is it just me, or are there other people wondering what this howto is doing on the site? Is this not just an add for a commercial product?

Although the article says that  that Bijk is an open source application, this can (at best) only apply for the client you need to install to use the paid-for service Bijk is offering.

Now I don't have anything particular against commercial open source, as long as the terms are communicated properly. Trying to abuse the term "open source" in an attempt to push a service that clearly is not open source at all is simply despicable to me.

 Secondly, because installing a client of this Bijk service is rather trival and does not at all need any indept guidence (to which the length of this article might be in inself the proof), I once again wonder why this article is on this site.

Thanks a lot [email protected], for doing the credibility of this site a service!


Open Source doesn't mean free.  Their free service seems to be not too bad.  While I'm not up for commercial advertising on sites like this, I'm glad this article is here.


pay to use

the idea of "howto" ... was to share ... not to sell ... 

shame on you!


If you don't want to pay for it "only" following functions included:

NO Alerts

NO application graphs

3 months data retention

By: JohnP

This looks very cool. We've been using SysUsage for 40+ server performance measurements and simple alerting with no need for MySQL or an out-of-network server. SysUsage is FLOSS, $0. It uses Perl, sysstats, rrdfiles, and imageMagik and hould work on any POSIX OS with the dependencies met.

By: me

Is this site running out of money? Please don't ruin the great content on this site with paid "howto-advertising" articled that nobody needs. There are way better monitoring tools that this "bjik" (whatever thaty means), so it makes no sense for this article to be here other than the money the site admins made from this.

True, they can do whatever they want with their site, but still.. please put their banner on the site rather than posting these paid "tutorials".

By: admin

We don't receive any money for publishing tutorials, nor did we claim anywhere on this website that we only publish tutorials about free software. On the front page you can see our mission:

"HowtoForge provides user-friendly Linux tutorials about almost every topic."

This tutorial can help people who use Bijk, so it is a valid contribution.