There is a new version of this tutorial available for Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot).

How To Install ownCloud 7 On Ubuntu 14.04 - Page 2

5 Mounting the ownCloud 7 share on Windows 7

We can access the data from ownCloud 7 server on a window machine also. There are many methods to this, you can check this link for them. I will explain two of them: Directory synchronisation with the ownCloud client and mounting the webdav share with Cyberduck.


5.1 Sync a local Directory with the ownCloud Windows client

  1. I will be using the ownCloud clients for that. Open link and download the windows client from here

Simply install the client and it will work for you.

Enter the details

Again give your credentials(  user=owncloud and password=database_password) which we have settup while installing the ownCloud 7 and the window will appear:

You can open the local folder to access the files locally.


5.2 Mount a ownCloud share with Cyberduck ver 4.5

There is another method to access the ownCloud 7 server. I will be using Cyberduck for that. For this you need to install it from this URL.

Download the installer and install it simply by doing next --next.

Cyberduck has a very nice user interface.

Enter the credentials & connect with user=owncloud and password=database_password:

Give the credentials and it will connect.

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