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3 Openbravo ERP Installation

Go to and download the latest Openbravo ERP installer (select 02-openbravo-installers on the download page), e.g. as follows:

cd /tmp/

Then make the installer executable...

  chmod +x OpenbravoERP_2.40-linux-installer.bin  

... and start the Openbravo ERP installation:


A text based installer will guide you through the installation. First press a few times ENTER to read the single parts of the license agreement. Type in yes at the end if you agree with it:

Do you accept this license? [y/n]: <-- y

Before the installation begins you'll be asked a few questions - answer them as follows:

Please specify the directory where Openbravo ERP will be installed

[/opt/OpenbravoERP]: <-- ENTER

Please specify a directory for the Openbravo ERP attachments

[/opt/OpenbravoERP/AppsOpenbravo/attachments]: <-- ENTER

Installation mode
Please select the installation mode you wish to perform

[1] Complete
The database and the application server in the same computer
[2] Distributed
The database and the application server in different computers
Please choose an option [1] :

Please select the installation type you wish to perform

[1] Standard
Installs the database and sets up the application server.
[2] Development
Installs the database and and sets up the application server
through a compilation process.
Recommended for developers.
Please choose an option [1] :

Please specify the directory where the JDK is located

[/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun]: <-- ENTER

Please specify the location where the Ant executable is located

[/usr/share/ant/bin/ant]: <-- ENTER

Please specify the directory where Tomcat is located.
In case of having Tomcat split into 2 directories, select the one containing the webapps directory

[/var/lib/tomcat5.5]: <-- ENTER

Please select a database

[1] PostgreSQL
[2] Oracle
Please choose an option [1] :

Please specify the directory where the binaries of the PostgreSQL installation are located (psql, pg_restore, vacuumdb)

[/usr/bin]: <-- ENTER

Please enter the IP address of the PostgreSQL database

Database host [localhost]: <-- ENTER

Please enter the port of the PostgreSQL database

Database port [5432]: <-- ENTER

Enter the password for your "postgres" administrator user

Password : <-- yourrootsqlpassword
Retype password : <-- yourrootsqlpassword

Please enter the name of the PostgreSQL database

Database name [openbravo]: <-- ENTER

Please enter a username for the Openbravo ERP PostgreSQL database

Username [tad]: <-- ENTER

Please enter a password for the new database user

Password : <-- tadsqlpassword (a password of your choice)
Retype password : <-- tadsqlpassword

Enter a context name.

This is used in the URL to access Openbravo ERP:

Context name [openbravo]: <-- ENTER

Please select the preferred date and time formats
Date format
Date format

Please choose an option [1] :

Date separator

[1] -
[2] /
[3] .
[4] :
Please choose an option [1] :

Time format

[1] 12h
[2] 24h
Please choose an option [2] :

Time separator

[1] :
[2] .
Please choose an option [1] :

Should the installer populate the database with demo data?

[Y/n]: <-- ENTER

Setup is now ready to begin installing Openbravo ERP on your computer.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]: <-- ENTER

The installation will take a few minutes, so please be patient:

Please wait while Setup installs Openbravo ERP on your computer.

0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%

Setup has finished installing Openbravo ERP on your computer.

Afterwards you can access Openbravo at or Log in with the username Openbravo and the password openbravo.


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By: Carlos Gonzalez

Hi, I installed Open bravo sucessfully !!!  it takes a while for the installer to complete its task... I installed it on a PIII @ 933mhz 512Mb Clone it took about one and a half hour, the status bar reaches 100% in a few minutes,... but then it begins to populate the DB with example data....

 Only issue was when installing the JAVA I had to uncomment some lines on the /etc/apt/sources.list file and update the apt by issuing sudo apt-get update in order to install java directly from the ubuntu repository

 Also had to download the Openbravo installer from another URL (on sourceforge) on another PC and tranfer it to my ubuntu server via ftp (had to install proftpd)

 The rest was ok... thank you!

By: Ilyass


I tried to install openbravo ERP on Ubuntu 8.10, but when I introduce the command ./OpenbravoERP_2.40-linux-installer.bin a warnig message shows up telling that :

Failed to load module: /usr/lib/gio/modules/
/usr/lib/gio/modules/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
Failed to load module: /usr/lib/gio/modules/
/usr/lib/gio/modules/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
Failed to load module: /usr/lib/gio/modules/

I ignored this message and I continued the installation but when it almost finished a warning message appears again telling that   :

Problem running post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly
 Error running /usr/share/ant/bin/ant compile -Dtab=xx war -logfile /opt/OpenbravoERP/installation_logs/04war.log : child process exited abnormally

And the file openbravo.war did not exist neither in /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps nor /opt/OpenbravoERP/Appsopenbravo/lib

 Can somebody help me please? 


I got though all the way to ./OpenbravoERP_2.40-linux-installer.bin and it just does NOTHING, no install start nothing .. no output of any kind.



By: Technology247365

I installed successfully using installation instructions, did you change directory cd /temp and make executable

1. cd /tmp/ wget (Download)

2. Then you need to make executable: sudo chmod +x OpenbravoERP_2.40-linux-installer.bin

3. Then try: ./OpenbravoERP_2.40-linux-installer.bin

By: Confuse

My installation did not complete 

 0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%


No confirmation "Setup has finished installing Openbravo ERP on your computer."

And web site is also not working.

I have installed it twice

both time same problem 


By: Anonymous

when you reach 100% it is only 100% of the 'unpacking installation files'

 Wait 10 to 20 minutes (depending if you fill the database with demo data) and normally the installation should finish...

By: Matt

After de loggin I have this error in Tomcat:

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


javax.servlet.ServletException: @[email protected]here are no connections available in jdbc:apache:commons:dbcp:openbravo_myPool
org.openbravo.base.secureApp.SeguridadData.valido(Unknown Source)
org.openbravo.base.secureApp.LoginHandler.doPost(Unknown Source)
org.openbravo.base.HttpBaseServlet.service(Unknown Source)
org.openbravo.utils.SessionExpirationFilter.doFilter(Unknown Source)
org.openbravo.utils.CharsetFilter.doFilter(Unknown Source)

Why I can't connect to the database?

By: vijay thurimella

I am geting the same issue on postgresql 8.4 on windows xp

By: Anonymous

Entiendo que la versión del ERP es la 2.40, según lo expuesto y el mensaje de error tienes un problema entre el tomcat y la base de datos. El tomcat es el encargado de conectar los dos mundos del ERP para que funcione openbravo. Yo te recomiendo que bajes la versión del tomcat a la 5.5 esa es muy fiable y personalmente he trabajado con ella y me ha funcionado en todas las instalaciones, la versión 6 del tomcat es muy nueva y ha sido reescrito entero, creo que debe de existir alguna incompatibilidad entre el ant, tomcat y oracle en las versiones que estás utilizando.

By: zaien

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