How To Configure An Email Account In Evolution

This tutorial shows step by step how to set up a POP3 email address with Evolution Email under the most Linux distributions. I'm assuming that Evolution Email is already installed on your system.

1. First step

Open Evolution Email, if you open it the first time you will see a window like that:

Click on the Forward button.


2. Backup

If you have a backup of Evolution Email you can restore your Evolution Email from the backup if you want to. You only have to mark the Restore Evolution from Backup file checkbox and than you can give the path were your file is.

I assume you didn't use Evolution before so you don't have any backup files.

Click on the Forward button.


3. Identity

Now you have to personalize your Evolution. In the first field you have to type in your name, in the second your email address.

Now you can choose if the email address is your default address; if you want to make it your default address you have to  choose Make this my default account.

You can type in an address where you want the others to reply, if this is the same as you typed in before you don't have to fill this field. In the last field you type in the name of the company you're working for but again this is optional.

Then click on Forward.


4. Incoming Mails

Now you have to make some server settings.

For the server type you have to choose POP, as you can see on the screenshot.

Then you have to fill the configuration with the details of your provider. Here is a list with some information. If your provider isn't listed, you can have a look at your provider's homepage or write a mail to your provider.

Provider Inbox
Outbox Username
GMX gmx email address
Google Mail googlemail address username
Yahoo username
Freenet Freenet email address
Strato [email protected]
Arcor username
Mnet mnet email address
1und1 1und1 email address

As Username you have to type in your username or your email address that your provider told you. You can also find this information in the table above.

Under Security I didn't choose any encryption methods. This is the easiest method but not the safest.

Then you have to choose how you want to protect your mail inbox. I protect my mails with a password. You can look if the type of protection is supported by your provider. Then you can choose if Evolution should remember your password but this isn't such a safe method.

Afterwards click on Forward.

Then you can adjust how often Evolution should get the mails from your server. But please notice: some providers like GMX let you check your mails only every 10 min. So if you try to check your mails every 5 min. GMX will block your email account for 30 minutes.

You also can change these options afterwards.

If you have finished it, click on Forward.


5. Outgoing Mails

As the Server Type you have to choose SMTP. You have to type in all the server details from your provider (see list). Also for the outgoing mails you have to type in your username or your email address.

Then click on Forward.


6. Accountname

Here you can give your account a name. You can choose your own name or your email address or any name you want. This description is only for you.

And click on Forward again.


7. Timezone

Here you can choose the timezone in which you live so that your mails have the right time and date. For Germany you have to choose Europe/Berlin.

Click on Forward again.


8. The End

At the end you have to click on Apply.

Now Evolution should look like this...

You can modify your settings or create new accounts, like I've explained before.

Have fun with Evolution Email.

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By: ahpitre

Is there a way of configuring Evolution to view a Hotmail account?

By: Cameron


Perhaps I was a bit harsh - apologies. And after all, if the moderators submitted it who I am to say how relevant it is to howtoforge.



By: Mathias

This is the right webiste.

I agree, most of the stuff is advanced but I don't see anything wrong with having some more basic stuff here.

You should come alive and try to honer peoples effort to the open source community.

This is a very useful howto for a lot of people

By: Cameron

Thanks for the howto but should this not be on a newbie website?

I mean most of the stuff on here is pretty advanced ie. VM setups, clustering etc and you are showing us how to set up a pop account in evolution.

Come alive now!


By: pramod

i am using the mail evolution me configure the two account in mail evolution how configure the two account please tell me

By: bobnowires

This information seems no longer correct.  It starts out by saying you need to use POP.  This is not true.

 The settings below work for a GMX account using IMAP on Evolution.  My account is in France.

 I am using these (working) Settings In:

[email protected]

SSL encryption


 I am using these (working) Settings Out:

SSL encryption

[email protected]

By: Faraz

Thanks For That...

By: Salam ELIAS

Hi, I have a evolution which was working for years. I recently migrated from fedora 15 to 20. I restored my evolution to the new one, Version 3.10.4 which ships with fedora. Since that time, evolution is not able to connect to my pop account. I configure my pop server as follows "", hitting send/receive can not send nor receive. the message box that shows and disaappear very quickly, show me it it is searching [email protected] and not [email protected]

Thanks for your help

By: Tony

Hi, I have tried to set up a POP3 account using Evolution but to no avail! the server (my email provider) i need to connect to, to grab the emails requires a password but evolution does not provide anywhere for me to submit a password so evoution cannot connect to my email provider - it just bounces back with the message - The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files.

anyone got any suggestions?

By: Karen Vedus

How do I print?  How do I set up to open links in web browser??

By: Augustine

is the only option to create user is from the server? Can I create and add users(just like signup) from the evolution? if yes, How can I create a user from Evolution? 

By: Dennis Sibley

I have one of my email accounts that because I left off the "m" in the .com ending in the return path, people are having sending response back to me.  So I simply need to get into my email accounts in Evolution and fix the incorrect one.  I used to be able to click on "options".  This tab does not exist in the 12. version of evolution.  So can you help me get in to make changes?

By: Richard

Why don't you address the collection account when it is displayed on the first setup screen? Not it's configuration but it's function in detail.

So for me this was a waste of my time and a black eye for someone.