Groupware Server With Group-Office, Postfix, Dovecot And SpamAssassin On Debian Lenny (5.0) - Page 4

Install the serverclient

The serverclient module for Group-Office can automatically create new mailboxes when you create a new user. Install the module and add the following to the Group-Office config.php file:

Note: If you have multiple Group-Office installations and one to manage Postfix, you can add these values to: /etc/groupoffice/ All Group-Office installations will use these values then. You probably want to configure the serverclient_domains per installation in their config.php files.

#GO will connect to this installation to add a mailbox
#The admin account of GO. Remember to change the password here too if you change it.
#comma separated list of mailbox domains
#The email account properties that will be added for the user
$config['serverclient_mbroot'] = '';
$config['serverclient_use_ssl'] = '0';
$config['serverclient_novalidate_cert'] = '0';

The module will connect using curl functions so the php5 curl extension is required for this to work.



Now it should work! Restart Postfix, SpamAssassin and Dovecot and start testing!

Log in to Group-Office and add a domain and mailbox. Now go to the e-mail module and add an e-mail account:

E-mail -> Settings -> Accounts -> Add


Host: localhost
User: [email protected]
Pass: The password you set

Now send a test mail!

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By: EagleClaw

I agree and disagree with aboveamenity. I think there is all the information necessary to install and configure them properly. But there is some cleanup to do.

These are some of my observations:

 - At the second page, the portion of the tutorial should be changed from the current format (postconf -e) to the file itself (like what you have on the mysql files);

 - At the second page, the tutorial says to create the transport db; well, how can the transport db be created if we don't have the transport file yet? The transport file creation appears later on the article and at that point it doesn't say to run postmap on it. For newbies this is an issue;

 - Still at the postfix configuration, the tutorial says to to include the variable transport_map twice being one different than the other;

 - Adding the mail user: the second, third and fourth lines should be /var/vmail;

 - There's no mention for installing the postfix admin module at Group-Office before trying to create any accout.

 None of these items should be a problem to any experienced linux user, but for the sake of having a clean tutorial these items should be addressed.

Thanks Falko for all your good tutorials. I use your site since I started with Linux and continue to use as a reference resource.

Best regards.

By: aboveamenity

Someone needs to expand on this tutorial. There isn't enough information. It tells you to do things and doesn't tell you how...