Enabling Compiz Fusion On An Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200) - Page 2

4 Configuring Compiz Fusion

Go to System > Preferences > Appearance...

... and select Custom on the Visual Effects tab. To configure Compiz Fusion, you can now either click on the Preferences button...

... or you go to System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager:

Both will bring up the CompizConfig Settings Manager. You can now configure Compiz Fusion to your likings:


5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a list of the most common Compiz Fusion keyboard shortcuts. If they work for you depends on what effects you enabled in the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

SUPER+SHIFT+C = clear fire
CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW = rotate cube
CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW = flat desktop
SHIFT+ALT+UP = initiate window picker
CTRL+ALT+DOWN = unfold cube
ALT+TAB = window switch
SUPER+TAB = flip switcher or ring switcher, depending on which is enabled.
ALT+F7 = initiate 'move windows'
SHIFT+F9 = water effect
SHIFT+F10 = slow animations
CTRL+ALT+D = show desktop

For Grouping and Tabbing:
SUPER+S = select single window
SUPER+T = tab group
SUPER+Left = change left tab
SUPER+Right = change right tab
SUPER+G = group windows
SUPER+U = ungroup windows
SUPER+R = remove group window
SUPER+C = close group
SUPER+X = ignore group
Hold the SUPER button then select the windows you want to group and then hit SUPER+G.

The SUPER key is the Windows key on most keyboards.


6 Some Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Compiz Fusion in action:


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From: Anonymous at: 2009-12-07 02:43:54

It might help a couple hundred people still trying to get their Nvidia card to work at all with 9.10

From: charly at: 2009-12-11 15:55:29

hi. in my ubuntu only show 175 and 93, not 185 driver, but with num 175 not work.


From: Anonymous at: 2009-11-23 00:16:06

this is a good link for compiz:


From: Anonymous at: 2009-11-15 20:11:34

I´ve done that back with ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04.It was new on that time.

Nowadays, its plain simple, i dont see the need for a tutorial. Find something more difficult to post about, like how to upgrade the kernel, or install wifi drivers...

From: Anonymous at: 2010-01-05 17:17:36

Thanks for the easy to follow steps - there are always people like me who are in the early stages of doing things and appreciate a helping hand!

From: Anonymous at: 2010-02-18 06:15:43

Ive done alot of things since the days of windows 95 but ubuntu is still new to me and the less technical little tips and tutorials still help less arrogant people like myself to this day. Thanks to the OP for the help.

From: Pubudu at: 2009-11-17 14:07:29
From: claschx at: 2009-11-24 18:01:30

Nice howto-guide, but i would've used the simple compizconfig settings manager in the third caption, and skipped the first 2. Its easier to handle the most important stuff like effects, choosing the cube from that manager and a lot more intuitive for first time users .. just my thoughts ... (apparently it turns on appeareance-custom settings upon starting)

From: Anonymous at: 2009-12-09 10:04:28

This is a good guide, if you get the Nvidia FX5200 driver to work.


However when I follow it I'm stuck with 640*480 resolution and I'm not allowed to edit my xconfig file...


Anyone care to point me in the right direction?


From: Anonymous at: 2010-02-23 02:29:33

Use the EnvyNG script instead.  It makes NVidia driver installation a breeze.