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4 Configuring Compiz Fusion

Go to System > Preferences > Appearance...

... and select Custom on the Visual Effects tab. To configure Compiz Fusion, you can now either click on the Preferences button...

... or you go to System > Preferences > CompizConfig Settings Manager:

Both will bring up the CompizConfig Settings Manager. You can now configure Compiz Fusion to your likings:


5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a list of the most common Compiz Fusion keyboard shortcuts. If they work for you depends on what effects you enabled in the CompizConfig Settings Manager.

SUPER+SHIFT+C = clear fire
CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW = rotate cube
CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW = flat desktop
SHIFT+ALT+UP = initiate window picker
CTRL+ALT+DOWN = unfold cube
ALT+TAB = window switch
SUPER+TAB = flip switcher or ring switcher, depending on which is enabled.
ALT+F7 = initiate 'move windows'
SHIFT+F9 = water effect
SHIFT+F10 = slow animations
CTRL+ALT+D = show desktop

For Grouping and Tabbing:
SUPER+S = select single window
SUPER+T = tab group
SUPER+Left = change left tab
SUPER+Right = change right tab
SUPER+G = group windows
SUPER+U = ungroup windows
SUPER+R = remove group window
SUPER+C = close group
SUPER+X = ignore group
Hold the SUPER button then select the windows you want to group and then hit SUPER+G.

The SUPER key is the Windows key on most keyboards.


6 Some Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Compiz Fusion in action:


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From: Gal Frishman at: 2010-06-29 20:55:26

I didn't try it on 10.04 but it worked on previous versions (enable/disable compiz without logout)

To disable: # DISPLAY=$DISPLAY metacity –replace &
To enable: # DISPLAY=$DISPLAY compiz –replace &

You can read about more cool command line stuff here.


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From: mmishbah at: 2011-02-08 08:09:52

hiks.. i dont hv any graphic card installed.. hiks..

From: Crovte at: 2010-11-11 21:16:18

For those who have problems with enabling compiz : use terminal as ROOT type the command :

gconftool-2 -s –type bool /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager true

according to this link and my test , it works ! let’s role the cube !!!.