Enabling Compiz Fusion On A Fedora 13 GNOME Desktop (NVIDIA GeForce 8100) - Page 2

5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here's a list of the most common Compiz Fusion keyboard shortcuts:

SUPER+SHIFT+C = clear fire
CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW = rotate cube
CTRL+ALT+DOWN ARROW = flat desktop
SHIFT+ALT+UP = initiate window picker
CTRL+ALT+DOWN = unfold cube
ALT+TAB = window switch
SUPER+TAB = flip switcher or ring switcher, depending on which is enabled.
ALT+F7 = initiate 'move windows'
SHIFT+F9 = water effect
SHIFT+F10 = slow animations
CTRL+ALT+D = show desktop

For Grouping and Tabbing:
SUPER+S = select single window
SUPER+T = tab group
SUPER+Left = change left tab
SUPER+Right = change right tab
SUPER+G = group windows
SUPER+U = ungroup windows
SUPER+R = remove group window
SUPER+C = close group
SUPER+X = ignore group
Hold the SUPER button then select the windows you want to group and then hit SUPER+G.

The SUPER key is the Windows key on most keyboards.


6 Some Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Compiz Fusion in action:


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From: kaddy at: 2010-07-05 02:48:44

errrrrrr. Nouveau cannot handle running compiz fusion yet....... unless something has changed recently that I am not aware of???

From: Anonymous at: 2010-08-05 15:20:48

there are now beta testing drivers for opensource 3D acceleration for nvidia cards. Much like ATI support in the last release of fedora. The next release these drivers should be moved out of beta and become standard with install as will GNOME 3 (gnome-shell)

From: VONBEAU at: 2010-07-09 05:58:18

Thanks for the great tut. I have an ATI HD4850 and it works great,

From: Gal Frishman at: 2010-07-01 21:00:24

I didn't try it on 10.04 but it worked on previous versions (enable/disable compiz without logout)

To disable: # DISPLAY=$DISPLAY metacity –replace &
To enable: # DISPLAY=$DISPLAY compiz –replace &