How to download only the new emails in Sylpheed

Version 1.0
Author: VirtualEntity <lafeyette_management [at] comast [dot] net>

Sylpheed keeps downloading the same messages over and over again! I want to be able to download only the new messages, but have the option of re-downloading everything. How to do?

First, for each account, select Configuration | Edit Accounts and then select the account to be changed.
And press the "Edit" button.

The Account Preferences dialog appears. Select the "Receive" tab
and make sure that "Remove Messages on server when recieved" is _NOT_ selected.
Then, make sure that "Download all messages on server" is also not selected.

Secondly, on the same tab, near the bottom, make sure that `Get all' checks for new messages on this account IS selected.
This option ensures that all the accounts are checked, not just the currently selected one.

Note: By default, selective download only retrieves new (unread) messages. If you want to process the read mails also, you need to set "retrieve all messages".

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