Displaying "MyComputer", "Trash", "Network Servers" Icons On A GNOME Desktop

Version 1.0
Author: Falko Timme

This short guide describes how you can configure your GNOME desktop to display various icons such as My Computer, Network Servers, Trash, etc. on the desktop. By default, these items are placed on one of the panels (Trash) or hidden in the Places menu. Having these icons on the desktop is useful if you switch from a Windows desktop to a GNOME desktop and are used to having them on the desktop.

I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you!


1 Configure GNOME

Go to Applications > Accessories > Terminal to open a command line window:

In the command line window, type


and hit ENTER:

This will start the Configuration Editor:

Now go to apps > nautilus > desktop. On the right you should now see a list of items that can be displayed on the desktop. Select the ones you need, then close the Configuration Editor window and then the command line window:

That's it. You can now find the selected items on your desktop:


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By: Olodu


I'm new to Linux, especially Ubuntu and I find your tutorial quite helpful.


By: RudiSoft.Net

This was very helpful indeed. I was looking for a way to restore the Trash icon on a Gnome desktop and found your tutorial. Thanx again!

By: Greg

I want to get rid of ALL desktop icons, so I use dconf-editor, and no matter how many desktop-managers/window-managers I happen to have installed, nearly always I can drill down to "background" and prevent the display of all that detritus ! ;)