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Step Eleven: Set the Default Icon Theme

To set default Icons in KDE so that all new (first time users) start with your selected Icon Theme right click on the desktop and select run command. Enter the following into the dialog box:

kdesu kedit /etc/kde-profile/defaults/share/config/kdeglobals

Just above the [KDE] section add the following:

Theme=name of the Icon Theme you wish to use

In my case the entry looks like this:


All new users I set up on my system will now default to the Oxygen Icon Theme set for KDE3 when they first log in.


Step Twelve: Set Default Background Image

Edit the following file: /etc/kde-profile/default/share/config/kdesktoprc

Here we are concerned with two entries:


In my case the entries look like this:


Kiosk Admin Tool will also do this but its a bit more time consuming.


Step Thirteen: Set the Default Theme and Color Scheme

The absolute best way to setup and install a color scheme is to use the Kiosk Admin Tool. It will allow to bring up the theme dialog. Whether you create your own color scheme or use an existing one use of the Kiosk Admin Tool is safest and most efficient way to import or select the color default and theme. Same with Style and Windows Decorations. Once you have setup the decorations, style and color themes click on save and exit .Kiosk Admin Tool. Test and see all your work come together in the test account.


Step Fourteen: Set the Default Ksplash Theme

You will have to create the file that sets the default KSplash theme. To do so use the following command:

kdesu kate /etc/kde-profile/default/share/config/ksplashrc

Simply put in the following two lines:

Theme=name of ksplash theme

Save the file.


Step Fifteen: Set the KDM Theme

Unfortunately the kdmrc file on this setup is bad. Since its easier to replace it than to fix it I am including a copy of my kdmrc file in this package. Simply take my kdmrc and as root copy it to /etc/kde3/kdm and over write the current kdmrc file. Then edit the file by hand:

kdesu kate /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc

Look for the line Theme= and place the path to and the name of the KDM theme there. You will be glad to know you will be able to use the KDM theme manager after that. Because the KDM theme setting is global that's all you need to do.


Step Sixteen: Login Manager Settings

Like KDM this is a global setting so its a quick and simple one. In Kcontrol under 'System Administration' select 'Login Manager'. Click on 'Administrator Mode' and then enter your password. Click the 'Background' tab and select the background you want displayed. I personally like to choose the same background as the one in my default settings. You can choose whatever you want of course.

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