How To Configure Remote Access To Your Ubuntu Desktop - Page 2

3 Connecting From A Windows Client

In order to connect from a Windows XP system, we must install a VNC client on the Windows system. There are multiple free VNC clients available, e.g. from Select the Windows Edition...

I'll choose the Standalone EXE x64 version, then click "Download the VNC Viewer and save it on the system, e.g. the desktop. The version that I've chosen is a standalone executable, i.e., you don't have to install it to use it. After the download has finished, simply double-click the file and the VNC Viewer starts.

Type in the remote desktop's IP address

... and the password for the remote desktop (leave the Username field empty), then click on OK:

On the Linux Desktop, you will have to accept the connection:

If all goes well, you should now see the remote Ubuntu desktop in a new window:

To stop the connection, simply close the window.

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By: Matt

I have read your tutorial 

How To Configure Remote Access To Your Ubuntu Desktop - Page 2

 and I'm successfully connect from a Windows XP system to ubuntu machine.  The problem is i have to logon (locally) first on ubuntu machine, before i could remotely connect via VNC from my XP system. Without logon locally on ubuntu, i got message : Unable to connect to host : Connection refused (10061). This's not happening when i logon on Ubuntu Machine, i can connect smoothly to Ubuntu Machine via VNC Viewer. I'm using Ubuntu 8.04.

By: Robert

Thanks for the tutorial. It works for me as well on CentOS 5.4. However, I had a problem in the beginning because my CentOS firewall didn't allow the VNC client to enter. This was solved by opening port 5900.



By: Anonymous

Thanks for the tutorial esp with the vnc part. It was really easy to figure it out. It works perfectly for me and now I dont have to use a vmware player for linux... I can directly connect my windows to my linux desktop machine and work on it remotely.

By: doglover

This is a really good tutorial, thanks! But can you do the remote access using a mac and a ubuntu?

By: Anonymous

A very good tutorial fast and easy to use and understand. Thanks