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3 AVG Antivirus Settings

You can change the AVG Antivirus settings under Service > Program settings:

Browse the settings to see if there's something you'd like to change. For example, you can tell AVG to run an automatic virus scan at system bootup or at a certain time each day, etc. Normally, the default settings are ok.


4 Updating AVG Antivirus

If you'd like to update AVG Antivirus (new virus signatures, new program versions), click on the Update button in the main window. AVG will then try to download the latest updates from the internet. If everything goes fine and you get no errors, you can skip this chapter.

If you get the following error: Update process failed. Reason: Sorry, you do not have permission to execute avgupdate...

... open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal):

... and run the following commands:

sudo chmod 775 /opt/grisoft/avg7/bin/avgupdate
cd /opt/grisoft/avg7/var/
sudo chmod 777 run
sudo chmod 777 update/log

Afterwards, try the update again. If everything goes well, you can skip the rest of this chapter:

If you now get an error like Online update failed. Reason: Can not download the file 'avg7info.ctf'...

... you can manually download the latest updates from and save them in a special folder (e.g. /home/falko/avg):

In AVG Antivirus, go to Service > Program settings:

Then go to Update > Source, select Folder, and click on the Browse button:

Select the folder where you've saved the updates (e.g. /home/falko/avg):

Click on Apply in the Update settings and leave the AVG configuration:

Now click on Update again:

The update should now work without errors. In my case, there was nothing to update:


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From: at: 2007-09-24 10:21:42

After I install on my ubuntu 7.04 server and config automatic update & test,
server has very slow. I have 2 ubuntu7.04 server and 60 client. Install one for test only. But ClamWin & Bitdefender for Linux not effect on this server.

After I remove it, speed come back. 

From: at: 2008-01-31 21:02:03

Anti virus is not needed on Ubuntu, any of its flavors, or any Linux distro. There are no known Linux viruses in the wild. What exists is proof of concept viruses that require you to do something stupid like run as root to work.
Anti virus eats up resources and gives a false sence of security.  The only people running Linux that need a anti virus application are those that run mail servers that allow Windows boxes to connect to them. This is so that the Windows boxes cant send viruses to other Windows boxes. More of a favor to the Windows user as even mail servers are imune to the viruses.
For the most part those that install anti virus are those that are leaving windows and think its just a normal thing to have. It isnt, viruses are the result of the poor design and security that is Windows. Be glad this is something you can leave behind.

From: at: 2008-02-04 06:50:43

While I agree that the threat of viruses affecting a Linux Machine are quite low in comparison to to other OS brands, I think you are over simplifying your threat assessment.  Only Mail servers that allow windows boxes to connect... how about file servers?  There are many system administrators out there that are running file servers with Samba instead of rolling out the budget for MS Server products. 

 The sad fact is that in multi user environments, you will still see the need to interact with windows boxes.  While you, I, and pretty much everyone that is viewing this page encourage that OpenSource be viewed as the next logical step for the office workplace, it would be close minded of us to state that if you want to do away with viruses, don't use Windows.  That is as extreme as the rabid proponents of MS and views on opensource.

From: Anonymous at: 2008-11-29 16:21:19

While I agree that Linux on itself does not need an antivirus, the existence of an antivirus is a blessing, especially when you use a machine in dual boot mode, or if you happen to share files to Windows systems or users.

I myself use the antivirus on my Linux removable HD to scan and clean Windows partitions. It works!

From: Eric at: 2009-03-15 22:03:30

That is precicely why I installed a dual boot drive with Ubuntu and WinXP in lieu of getting a virus... So I could scan my WinXP partition and the other physical drive from a seperate linux partition without fear of being reinfected in the process. The problem is my AVG Free in Ubuntu only recognizes the root directory it is installed in and doesn't see the other WinXP partition or the other physical drive which has all the old backed up files from my previous windows installation. Can anyone help me with this please?

From: Anonymous at: 2011-06-06 21:09:51

use clamav

From: matrobriva at: 2009-12-02 14:32:50

Very Good!

From: john at: 2011-01-21 00:01:08

Hi i installed it the .deb version it says installation complete but its not showing up in applications--accessorys where is is does anyone know the code to search for it on terminal ?? or do i need to do something else? Thanks in advance for any help

From: Anonymous at: 2011-02-09 17:27:45

the same to me.. I dont see.. AVG in Zubehör..  but my Lucid is in German..


BTW.. about Antivirus.. any know this?


From: chalo at: 2009-08-01 03:16:25

i followed the instructions on the page and i downloaded it from the link there and installed it okay but wen i go to the accesories its not there so idk wat to do. pls help me