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  • Basic Iptables - Debian/RedHat

    Author: themachineTags: Comments: 17

    Author: BJ Dierkes Contact: wdierkes [at] 5dollarwhitebox [dot] orgUpdated: December 2nd, 2005This is a fairly basic intro to the usage of Netfilter Iptables. How-To was written on a Debian Sarge 3.1 box, though commands and syntax should work with any linux distro.

  • NIC Bonding/Teaming - Debian Sarge

    Author: themachineTags: Comments: 12

    Author: BJ DierkesLast Update: December 1st, 2005Contact: wdierkes [at] 5dollarwhitebox [dot] orgThis is a basic howto on the configuration of NIC Bonding/Teaming with Debian Linux. I have recently made changes fixing typos that would have kept this from working properly!

  • Linux-Vserver on Debian Sarge

    Author: themachineTags: Comments: 14

    Author: BJ DierkesContact: wdierkes [at] 5dollarwhitebox [dot] orgUpdated: November 11th, 2005This document describes how to install and configure a Debian Sarge system to utilize the linux-vserver kernel patch allowing you run multiple virtual servers on a single machine.