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Philip is currently Chief Architect and Software Developer with a company in Birmingham, Alabama, and has worked with Linux since the mid '90s. He has had system level development and support experience with systems ranging from the earliest PCs to high-end IBM mainframes. He has reverse-engineered fonts, developed encryption schemes, and headed up technical projects of national and international scope. He may found working on whatever technical project stimulates his curiosity, which these day usually involves Linux.

  • Floppy Disks vs 21st Century Linux

    Floppy Disks vs 21st Century Linux

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    Recent headlines proclaim the imminent demise of support for the venerable floppy disk drive in the Linux kernel. My stomach churned and my heart gave a flutter or two. I have been in this business quite a few years and my collection of floppy disks goes back to 8-inchers. “Not again!” I thought.