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  • Installing Adito/OpenVPN-ALS On CentOS

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    Installing Adito/OpenVPN-ALS On CentOS OpenVPN-ALS, formerly known as Adito, is not to be confused with OpenVPN. They both brilliant tools that work in completely different things, but in a similar way. Confused? Excellent… OpenVPN-ALS (from now on known as Adito, because I find it less confusing) is a browser based SSL VPN that enables you to acess resources on your own network, even if you are behind a restrictive proxy and/or firewall.

  • Back Up LVM XEN Guest Containing LVs

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    Back Up LVM XEN Guest Containing LVs In my day-job all our Linux boxes (bar 3) are Xen VMs. I wanted a way to take a backup of these with out the risk of the files changing underneath. For performance reasons I am running all of them on Logical Volumes.Within these VMs the DomU OS is once again using LVM for various reasons. This does create some headaches for taking the backup.