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  • The Bash Script To Configure The Firewall Using IPTABLES

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    About the Script: This script is about to build a firewall in Linux OS by using iptables, the user only needs to follow and answer the simple and easy steps and the script will generate the user specified iptables rule in its original form. I HAVE TESTED THE SCRIPT ON PCLINUXOS, FEDORA-9, DREAM_LINUX, UBUNTU-8. This is my iptables Version 1.0 (USMAN AKRAM - Lucky)

  • How To Add Users To Linux OS From A Text file

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    How To Add Users To Linux OS From A Text file This tutorial is about a bash script to add, delete and verify the users either from a text file; it can also add, delete and modify the users manually. This script can be used to add , delete and verify the users to the Linux OS by fetching the user's information from any text file and this script can also add, delete or verify the users manually, I have put both of these functions in one script file. The text file can be specified by the administrator.