A Few Words On A Personal Note: We Now Also Accept RBS WorldPay Payments

Dear HowtoForge users,

as you all know, projects like HowtoForge and ISPConfig (like any other project) can survive only if we pay our bills. So far we have managed to do this by accepting online advertising on HowtoForge (yes, I know... but it's a necessary evil) on the one hand and by offering paid subscriptions to our users on the other hand, and both measures have allowed us to make HowtoForge and ISPConfig what they are now, so we'd like to express our big gratitude to our users (the ones that don't use ad blockers... ;-)) and especially to our paying subscribers:


Up to now it was only possible for us to accept subscriptions if they were paid through PayPal, but every now and then we get complaints from users that are interested in becoming a paid subscriber, but either live in a country where PayPal is not available (yes, PayPal isn't available all over the world) or simply don't like PayPal. We have good news for you: we now also accept payments through RBS WorldPay, which is now our second payment gateway and which can be used in all parts of the world! We have explained the procedure of buying a subscription through RBS WorldPay as well as cancelling a subscription and answered lot of other questions in our Subscription FAQ.

Again, the HowtoForge and ISPConfig projects say THANK YOU for your ongoing support!

Thanks for your attention, and have a great day!

The HowtoForge/ISPConfig Team

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