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6 Test The Mail System

6.1 Webmail RoundCube

By default, iRedMail only enables two RoundCube plugins: "password" and "managesieve", so that you can change passwords, create filters, and set up vacation.

Log into the RoundCube, use the first user [email protected]:

The account has received two emails, read them carefully. The iRedMail tips include all the passwords and settings of your mail server, keep it secret.
Note: because [email protected] is a root alias, it receives system emails.

Setting up a vacation autoresponder:


6.2 iRedAdmin

iRedAdmin Open Source Edition is a web-based iRedMail admin panel, it allows you to add, remove and edit domains, users and domain admin accounts. If you need more features, please consider purchasing the Pro edition iRedAdmin-Pro.

You can also manage all the features of iRedAdmin-Pro with phpMyAdmin.

Log into iRedAdmin: [email protected]


Mail Domains:

Mail Admin:

The log:

Create new mail user:

Create new domain:

Create global admin:

Select language:


6.3 Awstats

Log into Awstats: [email protected]

Check the statistics:


7 Important Things You Should Know After Installation


8 Access Webmail And Other Web-Based Programs

After the installation is complete, you can access web-based programs if you've chosen to install them:

Component URL Access via HTTP Access via HTTPS Comment
Roundcube http://your_server/mail/ (or /webmail, /roundcube) YES YES Recommand webmail
iRedAdmin https://your_server/iredadmin NO YES Both for LDAP and MySQL
phpMyAdmin https://your_server/phpmyadmin/ (or /mysql) NO YES
Awstats https://your_server/awstats/ NO YES

Note: Replace your_server with your server hostname or IP address.

iRedAdmin, phpMyAdmin and Awstats use https access by default.

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