Set Up PC-BSD v1.4 beta - Page 2

2.6.1 Drive Selection

Choose the drive on which you want to install PC-BSD in the upper window. Next you have the choice to use the entire disk and to install the PC-BSD bootloader (important if you have multiple operating systems installed). Optionally, if you know what you're doing, you can customize the partition layout.


2.6.2 Disk Partition Setup

If you marked the checkbox for the partition layout customization you will see the following window, else proceed with step 2.7.
In this window you are able to set up a custom-tailored partition layout. The use of encrypted swap space is optional.


2.7 System Components

At this point you have the option to choose additional software (provided by the second disc). Simply mark the desired software in the upper window and click the down arrow afterwards.


2.8 Ready To Install

If you're sure that your choices were proper at the steps you walked in front, click "next" to start the installation.



2.9 During The Installation

If you chose additional software at step 2.7, you will be asked to insert the second disc.


2.10 Installation Completion

If you see this window, the installation was successful. Remove the disc and click "reboot".

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