Osmo Personal Organizer On Fedora 8 - Page 2

2.3 Contacts

Manage your contacts on the third tab. You can also import contact lists from other programs (.csv).


2.4 Options

The options are available on the fourth tab. They are self-explanatory.


2.4.1 Calendar

Here you can adjust the settings for the calendar.


2.4.2 Tasks

Customize the settings for tasks that they fit to your needs.


2.4.3 Contacts

The settings for contacts.


2.4.4 General

The general options for Osmo.


2.5 About

Here you can see who is involved in Osmo development, find out which shortcuts are available and read the license.


Fedora: http://fedoraproject.org/
Osmo: http://clay.ll.pl/osmo/

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