Openfiler 2.3 Active/Passive Cluster (heartbeat,DRBD) With Offsite Replication Node - Page 2

6. Initiate Data/Storage Partition

Change Line 53 in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf on all nodes:

filter = [ "a/.*/" ]
filter = [ "a|drbd1[0-9]|", "r|.*|" ]

Initiate data Partition:

NOTE: it's important to use the stacked resource device like you done it with the meta partition!

root@filer01 ~# pvcreate /dev/drbd11
root@filer01 ~# vgcreate data /dev/drbd11
root@filer01 ~# lvcreate -L 400M -n filer data


7. Create Final Heartbeat Configuration

Change /meta/opt/openfiler/etc/cluster.xml on filer01:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<clustering state="on" />
<nodename value="filer01" />
<resource value="MailTo::[email protected]::ClusterFailover"/>
<resource value="IPaddr::" />
<resource value="IPaddr::" />
<resource value="drbdupper::meta-U">
<resource value="drbdupper::data-U">
<resource value="LVM::data">
<resource value="Filesystem::/dev/drbd10::/meta::ext3::defaults,noatime">
<resource value="MakeMounts"/>

Go to and start/stop iscsi target service ( this will recreate /etc/ha.d/haresources on filer01 ).

Copy haresources to filer02:

root@filer01 ~# scp /etc/ha.d/haresources root@filer02:/etc/ha.d/haresources


8. Enable/Disable System Services

We disable the services that are handled by heartbeat in the configuration:

root@filer01 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 heartbeat on
root@filer01 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 drbd on
root@filer01 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 openfiler off
root@filer01 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 open-iscsi off

root@filer02 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 heartbeat on
root@filer02 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 drbd on
root@filer02 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 openfiler off
root@filer02 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 open-iscsi off

root@filer03 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 drbd on
root@filer03 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 openfiler off
root@filer03 ~# chkconfig --level 2345 open-iscsi off


9. Test Failover On node1 And node2


Start heartbeat on node 2:

root@filer02 ~# service heartbeat start

Shutdown node 1:

root@filer01 ~# shutdown -h now

Watch /var/log/ha-log on filer02:

root@filer02 ~# tail -n 50 /var/log/ha-log

Check if you can login on

Start filer01 and do a manual failover:

root@filer01 ~# /usr/lib/heartbeat/hb_takeover
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