Multiserver Setup With Dedicated Web, Email, DNS & MySQL Database Servers On Debian Squeeze With ISPConfig 3 - Page 2

7 Adjust The Server Settings In ISPConfig

Log into ISPConfig on the master server with a web browser:

Click on System > Server services > web.example.tld and disable all checkboxes except of the Webserver and Fileserver checkbox and click on Save.

Click on System > Server services > mail.example.tld and disable all checkboxes except of the Mailserver checkbox and click on Save.

Click on System > Server services > db.example.tld and disable all checkboxes except of the DB-Server checkbox and click on Save.

Click on System > Server services > ns1.example.tld and disable all checkboxes except of the DNS-Server checkbox and click on Save.

Click on System > Server services > ns2.example.tld and disable all checkboxes except of the DNS-Server checkbox and select in the Is mirror of Server selectbox and click on Save.


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Hello Till,

 I found this to be a very good how to guide for setting up a multi-server environment.  Most everything went well with the setup, but now I'm to the end and I am having difficulty in setting up DNS records for the servers.

 Website setups are not problem it's with the master servers.  Say my server names are (, (, (, and I also created a (

 Instead of accessing my web server like, I want to access it this way

 For the mail server, I would like to know how my users could access their webmail by

 I suppose that my system could access my database server via  How should I setup the DNS records to make this happen?

Last, I would like to be able to access my git server via SSH like  How would I setup this DNS record?

I have spent a significant amount of time reading many of the howto guides, and none that I have found make this clear...  I purchased and read the ISPConfig3 guide, and I'm still not clear on how to make this happen.

If you could please help answer these questions, I would appreciate it!



By: Anonymous

create a Cname:

then a subdomain in ISPconfig.

to :


R flag 

same for mail..

 but remember to add the alias in the mail config.

By: Bart Dorlandt

Hi Till,

 i was just installing this on a new server. 

It seems that dovecot-mysql is missing fram the package list on page 2. This is needed if you want to use dovecot to communicate with mysql. 

 Else these errors appear:

 dovecot: auth: Fatal: Unknown database driver 'mysql'


 Thanks. Cheers.

By: Mobarak

Hi, I install web ,mail , Database and Ns1 , Ns2 . I Install Squirrelmail in the web server . And I add a domain but I can't receive any email . To sending a email getting error 

Server replied: 554 5.7.1 <[email protected]>: Relay access denied . I modified in the mail host server postfix fiiles . 

#mydomain = domain.tld
mydomain =

#inet_interfaces = all
inet_interfaces = all

mynetworks_style = host

#relayhost = $mydomain
relayhost = $

Still getting the same error . Please let me know what shoud I do ?


By: Lindeni

Hello. I have followed this tutorial, but with three servers. I was trying to consolidate some services. I have the - master as in tutorial, - database and NS1 host, and - email server and NS2. I tried to follow the tutorial as is also on the ISPConfig Manual, when it comes to the dbns1 and emailns2, its just that I have chosen to also configure DNS when running the ISPConfig installer.

Under system>server services I have the following selectios : web server, file server : db server,  dns server : mail server, dns server

Now everything seems to be running well, but maybe I am undermining the problem, when I create a new client, new website, add a email domain everything seems to be Ok, but when I add an actual Email Mailbox, the dropdown to choose a server is empty, and won't allow me to type anything, and if I proceed and save the mailbox, it allows me to.

 And then when I click on the Icon to go to the webmail, I get a page with the error below:

No E-Mail - Server found!

 What does this imply, what went wrong, why does it say no email server found?

Thank you for the great tutorial