Learning Spam With SpamAssassin And All Of Your ISPConfig Clients [ISPConfig 2]

This is a quick way of learning spam from all of your ISPConfig clients by running a quick and simple command. Please note that this is for ISPConfig 2, not 3.

You can start out by creating a new file in /bin. For example sa_learn.

nano /bin/sa_learn

Now once you are in that file you can paste the following:


/home/admispconfig/ispconfig/tools/spamassassin/usr/bin/sa-learn --spam /var/www/web*/user/*/Maildir/.Junk/cur

The first part to this code is the directory of the SpamAssassin learning script, when putting in the --spam it learns it as spam, and --ham learns it has "good" messages. The second part to this code is the directory to your clients' spam folders. So once this is all done, you can learn all spam in your customers' spam folders.

After you have saved that file by clicking ctrl x, you will want to make it executable by doing the following command:

chmod o+x /bin/sa_learn

And then now from the command prompt you can simply type


and it will learn spam!

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