iRedMail: Full-Featured Mail Server With LDAP, Postfix, ClamAV, SpamAssassin, Amavisd (Ubuntu 8.04) - Page 2

Set a password for the LDAP virtual domain admin's password.
Note: cn=vmailadmin,dc=example,dc=com is used to manage all virtual domains/users.

Set a password for the MySQL root user.

Add your first virtual domain, e.g.:

Virtual domain administrator account for the first virtual domain. Default is 'postmaster'.

Set a password for the virtual domain administrator.

Add the first normal user for our virtual domain. e.g.: www. The full email address will be '[email protected]'.

Set a password for the above normal user.

Enable the SPF verify and DKIM verify/sign feature:

Select optional components, you can choose RoundCube or SquirrelMail as webmail programs.
The Awstats user account has been integrated into LDAP, so you need to use the username [email protected] to log in. For more details please read the file 'iRedMail-x.y.z/'.

Select the default webmail language:

Set an alias mail address for the root user.

Finish the configuration, start to install the software:

Finish the installation, reboot your system to enable mail services or start them manually without reboot:

# for i in apache2 postfix mysql slapd postfix-policyd dovecot amavis clamav-daemon clamav-freshclam cron iptables; do /etc/init.d/${i} restart; done


8 Important Things You Should Know After Installation

  • Read the file 'iRedMail-x.y.z/' first, it contains:
    • User password and related sensitive information.
    • Location of mail server related software configuration files and other important information.
  • Setup DNS record for SPF
  • Setup DNS record for DKIM


9 Access webmail and other web-based programs

After the installation is complete, you can access the web-based programs (if you've chosen to install them) as follows:

Component URL Access via HTTP Access via HTTPS Comment
Roundcube 0.21 http://your_server/mail/ (or /webmail, /roundcube) YES YES Recommended webmail
SquirrelMail http://your_server/squirrelmail/ (or /squirrel) YES YES webmail
PostfixAdmin https://your_server/postfixadmin/ NO YES Only Mysql Backend
phpMyAdmin 2.11.9 https://your_server/phpmyadmin/ (or /mysql) NO YES
phpLDAPAdmin 1.17 https://your_server/ldap/ (or /phpldapadmin) NO YES Only LDAP Backend
Awstats https://your_server/awstats/ NO YES

Note: Replace your_server with your server hostname or IP address.

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By: allan


 Just want to say first that this instructions are very detailed and very useful. I followed every step and was able to make my server up and running in no time. thanks for the contributors and administrators of this site.

 My mail server is already up and running but just want to know how I could forward an email to another outside email address. Say, I have a local email address of [email protected] and I wan't to forward it to [email protected]

Could anyone help me on this small issue.

 Thanks in advance.


By: zygert

You have to in phpLDAP manager add attr. called "mailForwardingAddress" in [email protected] configuration and set there [email protected]

Save and test ;)

By: Bogdan

before downloading the iredmail archive, you should install bzip2.

A clean debian installation does not include this package.

apt-get install bzip2

By: Rashid Iqbal

Hi all,

I have win2k3 and centos installed in vmware. I joined the centos to win2k3 successfully and after that I install the iRedMail through root logon. ok successfully install the iRedmail.

I have on live static IP and the ptr entry named

After installing the iRedMail. I create on mail box named [email protected] and successfully configure the mail box in outlook express[through IMPAP and POP3] in my win2k3 virtual machine. succesfully sending/receiving emails internally now I want to send the email to my hotmail account.

Secondly I want to update the antivirus database.

Kindly help me to solve this issue.




Rashid Iqbal