Installing The Open Source Ticket Request System (OTRS) On Fedora 8 - Page 2

2.6 Installation Part II

Open within your preferred browser. A wizard will guide you through the installation.

Read the license agreement (GPL v2) - proceed if you agree with it.

Insert the MySQL root user password that you set at step 2.4 and insert a password for the otrs database user.

The database has been created.

Insert your server's FQDN, your company name and select the standard language.


Finally restart the Apache server.

/etc/init.d/httpd restart


2.7 Access

Open within your preferred browser and log in with the username "[email protected]" and the password "root".

You should take a look at the OTRS documentation to find out how to use the web interface.


2.8 Essential Commands

Start OTRS:

service otrs start

Stop OTRS:

service otrs stop

Show the OTRS status:

service otrs status

Restart OTRS:

service otrs restart


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By: Besmir

this tutorial was very interesting and helpful

i used to install otrs2 on ubuntu but not very stable and compatible.

 I need to add this: after installing otrs you need to install even SOAP::Lite via CPAN. this is to allow the installation of some packages not produced by Otrs like Opennms.

 Anyway...GREAT JOB ;)