Install Multiple Linux Distributions Via PXE (The Easy Way)

The following script will set up a PXE config on your server, making it possible to install major Linux distributions via netboot.

How to set up DHCP/TFTP servers is described in other HOWTOS.

The script has been tested on Ubuntu Karmic.

Requirements: sed,wget and lftp in your path...running tftp server.

1. Edit config options.

2. Run script.

3. You can now install Linux via netboot.

Script now located in forum here

Thanks to: coreyspeed and falko.
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By: Anonymous

This script is nice however if we do not want to download all those distributions do we just comment out the distribution versions? I did that but it came out with an error 55: function: not found
Not Downloading (file exists) : 63: Syntax error: "}" unexpected


# Configuration

By: Anonymous

There is a problem with the script. All .cfg inside debian/lenny/i386/boot-screens/ shows "ubuntu/lenny/i386/"