How To Install vcPanel - VPS Control Panel


vcPanel is a vps control panel for  managing VPS servers around the globe from one portal. It is  mainly written in  PHP + MySQL so you can install it on any hosting server. 

vcPanel has an auto installer script but that supports only Centos 5.x distributions. In general vcPanel can be installed on any operating system having Apache + PHP5.2 + MySQL5.



Softwares required for vcPanel

Webserver (Apache and compatible web servers)
PHP (version 5 or later)
MySQL (version 5 or later)


PHP modules and functions required

  • PHP server API must be apache module ( no suphp , no cgi php ). You can check it by creating a phpinfo page
  • php-ssh2 (
  • php-libxml2
  • php-curl
  • IonCube Loader
  • php.ini configurations
    • display_errors= Off
    • register_argc_argv= On
    • exec function enabled


Install vcPanel

Note: Please install vcPanel as per the procedure given below, make sure your server meets the requirements. If you would like to install and secure your control panel by our team please contact us from here. So that we can do it for you.


Download vcPanel

Please dowload the vcPanel from and upload the tar file to your sever. Then extract it.


Configure vcPanel

You may need to edit two files, config.php and adminauth.php.

config.php contains the following. You may need to edit the required fields, all are self-explanatory.

define("_DB_HOST", "localhost");  // vcpanel db host
define("_DB_NAME", "vcpanel_db"); // vcpanel  db name
define("_DB_USER", "vcpanel_dbuser"); // vcpanel db user
define("_DB_USER_PASSWORD",  "vcpaneldbpasswird"); // vcpanel db user password
define("_DOC_ROOT","/path-to-vcpanel-installation ") ;
 // vcpanel document root no trailing slashes eg : /home/user/public_html/vcpanel
 // Path to php client binary,no php-cgi paths. remember php-cli path
//ssh key type for rsa  it will be "ssh-rsa" , if it is dsa it will be "ssh-dsa"
 //path to private key. Remember make it out side document root , eg : /home/user/key/id_rsa
define("SSH_PUBLIC_KEY","/pathto -key/");
 //path to public key . Remember make it out side document root ,
 // eg : /home/user/key/

Now you may need to edit adminauth.php. This contains the admin login name and password. Make it harder.

define("_ADMIN_USER","admin");     // admin username
define("_ADMIN_PASS","pass");     // admin password make it very hard , very very hard


Set permissions

You may need to set the following permissions:

chmod 666 vadmin/.htaccess
chmod 777 tmp/
chmod 777 vadmin/uploads/plan
chmod 777 vadmin/uploads/template
chmod 777 languages/


Create Database

Now create a MySQL database with the database user name and database user password that you use in config.php. Give privileges to above database with the user name and password. Now restore the database vcpanel.sql to your database.


Create SSH Keys

Now you may need to create ssh public and private keys and upload them to your installation server, to a folder outside your document root. Make sure to secure the folder. Don't allow anyone to access it. Only give permission to vcPanel scripts to access that folder. If you don't know how to do it please contact us. To know how to create ssh keys please proceed with the following steps.

1) ssh to your server:

# ssh [email protected]

2) Generate keys:

# ssh-keygen -t rsa

Now hit the ENTER key until you get the command prompt back. Please remember that there's no need to give a password for the ssh key.

3) Now copy the keys id_rsa and from ~/.ssh/ to your key folder.

# ls -al ~/.ssh/ 
# cp -v ~/.ssh/* /path-to-your-key-folder-for-vtonf/


Login to admin Panel

You can login to admin panel from http://yourvcpanelinstallationurl/vadmin/


Install Product Key

You will get your product key from our license portal as soon as you signed up. If you are a reseller you can use the same product key in all vcPanel installations. Update the product key with vcPanel -> Product key.


Basic Settings

Make sure you may need to set up the basic settings and admin account from vcPanel admin.


Secure vcPanel access

You must limit access to your admin panel from certain IPs. Go to vcPanel -> Secure access.


Set up Cron

You may need to setup a daily cron job as follows:

0 1 * * *  php /path-to-vcpanel-install/script/backupcron.php   /path-to-vcpanel-install 
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