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HeartBeat man pages

We will be using heartbeat R1-style configuration here simply because I don't understand the R2 xml based syntax, if you do it is recomended to use the R2 style. First add the other node in the hosts file of both nodes so we can have an easier naming scheme. So for node1 do

nano /etc/hosts

and add node2:   node2

nano /etc/ha.d/

autojoin none 
#crm             on      #enables heartbeat2 cluster manager - we want that!
use_logd        on
logfacility     syslog
keepalive       1
deadtime        10
warntime        10
udpport         694
auto_failback   on      #resources move back once node is back online
mcast eth0 694 1 0 
bcast eth1      
node node1       #hostnames of the nodes
node node2

nano /etc/ha.d/authkeys

auth 3
3 md5 failover  ## this is just a string, enter what you want ! auth 3 md5 uses md5 encryption

chmod 600 /etc/ha.d/authkeys

Set up some keys so both nodes can log in to each other (defaults, no passphrase):


Then copy over the public keys:

scp /root/.ssh/

scp /root/.ssh/

If both hosts files know where they can find each other we only need to do this on node1 and can update node2 like so:


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