To get a list of the installed services on the shell, you may use this command (on Fedora, RedHat, CentOS, SuSE, and Mandriva):

chkconfig --list
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By: DocDee

 service --status-all

 covers what (obsolescent) chkconfig doesn't

By: Rajiv

This is also not working.

I am getting ..... 

-ksh: service: not found [No such file or directory]


By: Adam

Your probably on Ubuntu

By: Hayden

Try (Centos 7+, Debian 8+, Ubuntu 15+):

systemctl list-unit-files --type=service

Or (Ubuntu 9 -> 14):

initctl list

By: gregrwm

with no mention of which release (eg centos5, centos6, centos7) or even any date on the page, this is absolutely useless