Changing From Microsoft Windows To Linux Mint 11 - Page 2

Having found it, I select the right package and click on the box on the far left of the selection window and select Mark for Installation.

A window will pop up and tell you, that additional packages are required for the marked package. Click on Mark to proceed.

Click the Apply button on the top of the window to apply all your changes now.

Another window will pop up. Click the Apply button again.

The software package is now being installed:

After the package is installed, click on Close to finish installation.

The previously white checkboxes on the left are now coloured green. This means that the displayed package is now marked as installed.

After the installation, we can find the installed package in Applications > Educational > Bibletime.

You can now start the application and browse through its contents. You can also go back to the package manager and install extra content to add to your application:


4 Control Center And Terminal

Two other important sections you will find in Menu > System are the Control Center and the Terminal. Control Center is the equivalent to Windows' Control Panel. Multiple system options can be configured here.

Terminal is one of the most important tools on Linux. Almost everything you can do on your system explorer can also be done by commands in your Terminal. See other tutorials for using your Terminal right. Be cautious not to delete your whole hard drive's contents with it.

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