Capture Sound With Audacity On CentOS 5.x

There are times when you need to save sounds playing over the web. This tutorial shows you how you can use Audacity to capture sound on CentOS 5.x. Of course, there are many other ways to capture sound, but this just works for me. As usual, no responsibilities are taken if anything goes awry at your end.



A machine pre-installed with Centos 5.x with Xwindows running.


Step 1:

yum install audacity -y

Fire up Audacity & select the option ¨vol¨ from the combo box just beneath the record button.

Now to test the recording process, head over to some sound/music site/source. While playing or before playing hit the record button and voilà, you are in business. When you are done recording the sounds , you can save them in .ogg format. For mp3 format read on.


Step 2:

To export or save it in mp3 format you need the following packages.

yum install libmp3lame0 lame-devel -y

If the above process errors out on you try using the atrpms repo & re-do the last step.

rpm --import

After the recording process, go to File --> Export as MP3  and when prompted give it the path  /usr/lib/. Note: This is a one time process.


Note: Infringement of intellectual property rights is not encouraged.

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