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  • Install Steps VHCS in Debian 3.1 base install

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    Install Steps VHCS in Debian 3.1 base install On install of Debian, select no packages to be installed, allow it to connect to the internet and let it download anything it needs, usually its libs etc. Exim is most likely installed at this point so dont worry it will be removed shortly.1).vi /etc/apt/sources.list (add the following sources)Code: deb stable main deb-src stable main

  • Proftp Server Web interface or GUI Tools

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    Proftp Server Web interface or GUI ToolsThe main purpose of these tools is easy to maintain proftp serverProFTP Administratora web-based tool written in PHP aimed at managing users and groups for a ftp-server called "proFTPd". Because of the ammount of work gone into this project it also doubles as a system- information tool providing information like free hard-drive space, memory- statistics and much more (Something like phpSysInfo - with the notable difference that my status code so far only supports Linux, FreeBSD and Windows NT). To get a feel for how all this works you can take a gander at the screenshots-page and figure out for yourself if this is the right tool for you.