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  • Setting Up Gitosis On Ubuntu

    ubuntu Author: jgoulahTags: Comments: 7

    Setting Up Gitosis On Ubuntu Gitosis is a tool for hosting git repositories. Its common usage is for a central repository that other developers can push changes to for sharing. This article is how to setup and manage a git repository.There are some great services out there than can do this for you, but why pay money for something you can easily do for free? This article shows how to setup and manage a secure and private git repository that people can use as a central sharing point.

  • Quick DB Setups With MySQL Sandbox

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    Quick DB Setups With MySQL Sandbox There are various reasons to set up quick "sandbox" instances of MySQL. You can use them to test different types of replication (such as master-master or various slave topologies), to test your code against different versions of MySQL, or to setup instances of MySQL on a per developer basis where each person has their own database running on a different port so they can breakdown/setup the DB easily or make schema changes without affecting other team members. A perfect tool to do all of these things easily is MySQL Sandbox.