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  • Jari's Procmail Tips Page

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    This is a Procmail Tips page: a collection of procmail recipes, instructions, howtos. The document also contains URL pointers to the procmail mailing list and sites that fight against Internet UBE. Procmail is powerful mail handling tool and a lot of space here has been devoted to discuss about UBE (aka Spam) and its essence. You will also find many other interesting subjects that discuss about internet mail in general: mail headers, MIME and RFCs. Another part of this document is dedicated to Emacs and Emacs plug-in package Gnus.el, simply because Emacs is the best tool you can use to deal with your mail and news reading. Nowadays Emacs is also available in Windows platform as well. This is not to say that existing Unix elm(1), mutt(1) or pine(1), slrn(1) mail/news programs are bad, they are just limited in power compared to Emacs and usually tied to Unix platform. Finally, to your blessing or curse (smile) the author happens to know Emacs quite well. The tips are compiled from the procmail discussion list, from comp.mail.misc and from the author's own experiences with procmail.