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  • How To Install Qmailtoaster (CentOS 5.3)

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    How To Install Qmailtoaster (CentOS 5.3) Qmailtoaster is a project that aims to make the installation of Qmail onto RPM based systems a snap. All of the packages are distributed in source RPMs so building the packages for your particular distro and architecture is as easy as running a script or a simple command for each package. The RPMs have all of the needed and commonly asked for patches included so you can have a mail server up and running in about an hour. When it's all complete, you'll have a full Qmail mail server installation ready for just about anything. I personally run Qmailtoaster servers for other companies and ISPs who have tens of thousands of users on their systems.

  • How To Remotely Install Debian Over A RH Based Distro

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    How To Remotely Install Debian Over A RH Based Distro Ocassionally, servers need to be retasked for various reasons.  It has always been a challenge when the server has a distribution other than what I need. I do not want to drive to the data center to swap CDs around, so I decided to see if there was a way to remotely install the machine.  I found some notes by Erik Jacobsen and used them to come up with an up-to-date how-to.