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  • Detailed Error Handling In Bash

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    Detailed Error Handling In BashShell scripts are often running as background processes, doing useful things without running in a visible shell. To write such scripts can be quite painful, as all errors occur out of sight as well. While log files can hold a lot of information, finding the relevant information is a bit trickier. My solution is to log only the errors with all the details to a small database. This database contains tables for the message, the corresponding stack trace and the important environment variables. I have chosen for an SQLite database in this howto, but the same principle works with other databases as well.

  • Preparing An Ubuntu Machine For Upgrade

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    Preparing An Ubuntu Machine For Upgrade The Debian / Ubuntu upgrade mechanism is a wonderful piece of software. When the new release comes out, just follow the instructions given by the update manager and the upgrade will be done almost automatically. Sometimes Ubuntu asks for your help when you made other changes than the upgrade program itself wants to make. This howto gives a few tips on how to make your Ubuntu installation more upgrade-friendly. I tested it on Ubuntu installations, but the mechanisms in this howto should not be different for Debian.

  • Evolving A Database With MySQL

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    This tutorial explains how to "grow" your own database definition in a way that is maintainable, by using so-called "recreate" scripts. These scripts can be used to both create a database from scratch and update an existing database.

  • Setting Up A Modular Subversion Repository For PHP-Driven Websites

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    Setting Up A Modular Subversion Repository For PHP-Driven Websites Sharing code between projects is still not a trivial matter with subversion. Especially if you are familiar with SourceSafe, you will find that subversion makes it hard to share code. Subversion seems to be really great in creating a version mess and good in solving one, but the reason I need source code control is to prevent such a mess. This is where subversion can be greatly improved, but it is not impossible. This howto will demonstrate a directory setup that takes the subversion sharing mechanism into account, as well as other issues that repositories bring.

  • Get DAVfs Working On (X)ubuntu

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    Get DAVfs working on (X)ubuntu Mounting a WebDAV location under (X)ubuntu is not as straightforward as it should be. This mini-howto shows how you mount a WebDAV location and shows what problems you may have to solve.