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  • Easier Reinstalls

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    Easier Reinstalls I typically reinstall my computer operating system every six months. The reasons for this are that it cleans out the system and reinstalls require me to be in front of the computer for a total of about ten minutes so it's painless. Notice I said "in front of the computer", the system does all of the work for me with some specially crafted bash scripts.

  • Daily Journal With Panel Launcher

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    Daily Journal With Panel Launcher I keep a daily journal because my memory is not what it used to be. I have friends who keep daily journals just because they like to write. I use gedit for most text-related work and recently learned how to make a special panel launcher for my journal. I keep my daily journal in a folder called "office" but the month and year change, so my journal for this month is named 200908.journal or "yyyymm.journal". Now, making a panel launcher to open a file with gedit is no big deal but I found that using "gedit /home/user/office/*.journal" in the Command portion of the launcher doesn't work. I think this is due to the wildcard, "*", and I will show you how to overcome this problem. Using the month and year in the panel launcher requires that you edit the launcher every month and I didn't want to have to do that so I came up with a way to open a file from a panel launcher regardless of the file name.

  • Finding Files On The Command Line

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    Finding Files On The Command Line One of the things I like about Linux is the command line. I have used nautilus, gnome-commander, konqueror, kommander, dolphin and thunar to manage files in Linux and these file managers are great for what they do. But there are times when one simply wants to find a file when working on the command line without having to open a GUI application.