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  • Installing FreeIPA With Replication

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    Installing FreeIPA With Replication Do you need a single point to add users within your organization for authenticating to multiple backends like your Linux servers? You've probably looked at OpenLDAP and found the same problem a lot of other users have: bad documentation and ridiculously hard to configure. Having done some installations of OpenLDAP in the past, the search was on to find a good alternative and more importantly, one that is far easier to do and has a good gui and CLI for adding users and groups.

  • Using Rex To Automate Your Datacentre

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    Using Rex To Automate Your Datacentre In my day to day work I come across a lot of tasks that I actually "hate" to be honest. Most of these tasks consist of things that are repetitive and take up a lot of time. A co-worker of mine once told me, "if you have to do a task more than once, automate it!". This is one piece of advice that intrigued me. Ever since that day I have been thinking about automation and how to make processes flow smoother than they did before. But the main question always is, what tool are you going to use for that?

  • Why You Should Always Use Nginx With Microcaching

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    Why You Should Always Use Nginx With Microcaching Everybody knows how hard is to push out as much as possible from your webserver(s). In my daily occupation as a hosting engineer that means I fairly often get the same question, "Wow, cool website, but can it cope with big-time traffic?".