A Note From The Editors: Anonymous Comments

You might have noticed that up to now, you could comment on a tutorial only as a registered user. We handled it that way to prevent spam.

In order to drive a more lively discussion about our articles, we have decided to open the comment function to anyone, regardless if you're a registered user or not. Please note that we will take the time to approve each and every comment to fight spam, so your comments might not go live immediately.   

We'd be excited to see loads of comments from anyone to make annotations, report bugs in the tutorials (yes, we are human and make errors), present better solutions, etc. 

If you have questions or need help, please use our forum instead as it's easier to help people there due to formatting options, etc. We reserve the right to not publish help requests in the comments.

And now: Comments, anyone? 

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I welcome the initiative and only hope that the people will post relevant comments responsibly.

By: PD


By: Anonymous Coward

Great Idea.  Not everyone wants to sign up to every single blog / forum / (etc.) just to post a simple comment.  Wish more sites would realise this! (Note - can't post as anonymous because name is already taken by a registered user!)


Have just fixed the "can't post as anonymous because name is already taken by a registered user" problem. Thanks for the report.

By: Anonymous

Good idea to stimulate some discussion. I for one use the site but am not interested in signing up on every site just to post a quick comment. Another consideration: OpenID?