How To Set Up Mumble Voice Chat On Fedora 7 - Page 2

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Submitted by o.meyer (Contact Author) (Forums) on Fri, 2007-10-19 11:06. ::

3 The Mumble Client

On the Fedora 7 Desktop:

Open in your preferred browser. Click on mumble-1.0.0-38.1.i386.rpm and install it via the software-installer.

Note: There are also packages for other distributions available - have a look at

Afterwards the mumble-client is available in the gnome-applications menu:

Connect to your mumble-server as the "SuperUser" with the password and server-port ( default is 64738 ) that you selected at step 2.2:

After you logged in, you'll see the server-messages ( also messages from other users ) on the left side and the server with it's channels and users on the right side. You can adjust several settings via the menu on the top. To switch a channel simply drag and drop your username into the new channel.

First you should add ACLs ( Access control lists ). You can add ACLs to the whole server, groups ( for each channel if you want ) and single users ( for each channel if you want ). To add an ACL to the whole server, be sure that no channel is selected on the right side, select "Channel -> edit ACL" from the menu on the top. If you select a channel before, the ACL will only affect this channel ( and every channel you create in this channel if you mark the corresponding checkbox in the ACL-tab). If you want to add an ACL for a single user, simply enter his name in the field "user" in the ACL-tab and hit enter.

In the "groups"-tab you can add ( registered ) users to your groups.

The options to configure the client are also available via the menu at the top. Here you can adjust everything to your needs.



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Submitted by pirast (registered user) on Fri, 2007-11-09 17:33.

nice to see that my package is used by people :)

mumble 1.1 for fedora 7 + 8 is available here: