Installation Guide: CentOS 5.1 Desktop - Page 02

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Submitted by o.meyer (Contact Author) (Forums) on Wed, 2007-12-12 18:35. ::

Here you can select predefined collections of software. You can also make a custom selection if you mark the corresponding radio button.

Select "Packages from CentOS Extras" - a window will pop up, asking for your network configuration. If you have already configured your network settings simply commit it - otherwise configure the settings now.

If you chose the custom selection you'll see this and a few following windows. Select a main group on the left and afterwards one of its subgroups on the right. Now click on "Optional Packages" - you'll see...

...this window with a detailed package list. Select or deselect packages as you like.

Click "Next" if your selection is complete. Dependencies are being checked.

The system is ready to install - click on "Next".

The partition(s)/disk(s) are being formatted etc.

The system is being installed.

The installation is complete. Remove the install media and reboot the system.

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