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Howtoforge is a well known website for Linux tutorials. We provide professional and easy to use Linux tutorials since 2005 here on howtoforge.com. We will be glad if you like to join our team of authors to share your knowledge. To sign up as an author, please fill out the form below and provide us with some details on your person and some examples of texts and tutorials you published before.

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  • Become a well known authority in the Linux world and share your knowledge with over 800,000 monthly readers.
  • Authorship will be recognized with a link to your social profile.
  • Get a free Howtoforge subscription when your first tutorial gets published. The subscription will last for a year after your last publication. So when you publish at least once a year, you will keep your free subscription. The one year subscription is worth 50 EUR.
  • Additional to the free Howtoforge subscription, you will get a payment of up to 50 USD for each published tutorial.

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  • Please write only on Linux topics that you know very well and where you have expert knowledge in.
  • Do not submit tutorials that have been published somewhere else on the internet and do not copy other tutorials or submit work of other authors! You have to be the original author of the submitted tutorial.
  • Write clear and error free tutorials in english. Check your spelling and grammar before you submit the tutorial for review.
  • Submitted tutorials have to follow our tutorial formatting guidelines.

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